Saturday, January 20, 2007

IT Class

Started IT class this week. This week's lesson was on Evolution Of Computers. l0l. Take notes only for 2 days lesson. used 4-5 pages. l0l. Only 36 computers but 44 students. So have to rush in a fight for one computer. Got assignment. Need to present next wednesday. For normal Computer Class have to built/design a website of your own. l0l. Altogether one year 10 assignments. All computer assignments. This would be fun!!!

Next, School is getting less hectic already. Less homework. Started Biology tuition. Very fun tuition.l0l. That tuition centre is like a haunted building. wooden walls and creepy door sounds. l0l. tuition for all science subjects Bm and Add-maths. Maths in form 4 quite hard but I am still surviving it. Haha.

Started training up the drumline today. I hope everything would run smoothly.

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