Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Time Passes Fast,Doesn't It?? =)

Argh!!, my blog is getting more and more dull. Need to find more stuffs to update, not much happenings these days =( [Any Ideas What For Me To Blog About???]

It's MARCH already. 3rd month of the year. No more holidays till the end of this semester, 2 more months to go. I want to go back to Ipoh more because Ipoh is a wonderful town. Right? Keke, actually it's because there are nicer food for me to enjoy in Ipoh(My mum's cookings =P) and special people to hang out with me(HER). At least I don't get bored in Ipoh as I am here in Penang. not the weekdays, but the weekends. Hopefully I can go back to Ipoh once in 2 weeks from now on. I don't like staying in the hostel on weekends. It's way too boring sitting on my bed for the whole day surrounded by 4 cornered walls.It's like hard to breathe in here. Haha. I will be going back everytime my cousin goes back so that I can follow him back to Penang. Hehe.

Gotta brush up on studies as time is running fast!! Final exams will be here very soon. Out of 15 study weeks, I am now in week 9 already. I didn't notice that time passed so fast. During the beginning of this semester, everything seemed so slow =.=" Good good, it's a good thing that time passes fast too. Haha. But enjoying time should pass slower .. Hmmm ...

Next Monday will be my one year anniversary with Her. But I can't be back in Ipoh because it's a Monday *Sigh* Manyak Cepat time passes, so fast we've been together for a year already =D I've been listening to one song, I didn't know I had that song in my Lappy. I can't upload the song but I've uploaded the video here. Dedicated specially to Her. =) I love You

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kenwooi said...

yeah so fast march edy.. lol =P