Saturday, March 13, 2010

Don't Know What To Title Out

Just a random post to keep my blog updated. Haha. After this week, there will be 5 more study weeks to go + 1 week study break + 1 week final exams and there it goes my 3rd semester is done. Will be going to college after this post to revise for my upcoming EEE test this wednesday. EEE is always the hardest test among all subjects mainly because it is the core most subject among all subjects. Will be having EEE in every semester I think. Don't know how many parts are there. LOL. For this semester the subject I like most is CSC1180(C++ Programming) =D because the lecturer is interesting and fun. Haha. He made things easy for the class. I think everyone in the class likes him too. Easy going. That's the type of lecturer everyone is looking, maybe except for the nerds. Haha.

Oh yea, I renewed my driving license few days ago on Last Tuesday(9/3). No more P. I am now a CDL holder. Haha. Cost me RM90 for 3 years validity. =O

My previous P License
My new CDL License
Anyone has any recommendations of apartments here in Penang?? I am looking for an apartment for my friends and I. Hostel is expensive. =(

Something fun happened yesterday. Something I did for the first time in my life. Something that is worth everything. Special thanks to Zi Xian for his kind help to make all these possible. Thanks man~!! =D

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reanaclaire said...

Haha..i din know i have such a son..looks so "funny"..hahaha..cant stop