Sunday, March 07, 2010

Night At IRC

I am currently at IRC online. Oops... No longer IRC, it is now known as the Gateway Cafe. IRC has bankrupt. It's multilevel marketing business has failed badly. BOOooo~~!!! This Gateway Cafe seemed to give me and my friends a good impression. We are allowed to online here as late as we want to even after the shop closes and there are many jacks for us to plug in our laptop chargers. WHOoo~~ The air here is so windy. So much better than being in the hostel. Hehe.

A new name for the cafe
New menu for the cafe( I didn't take the old one because I didn't know it would close down so fast) Haha..=)

It is going to be my anniversary with her tomorrow about 2hours 45minutes from now. Umm I like that feel. Can't wait for tomorrow to come. I gotta admit. I do love her very much =) Never loved someone so much before. Tomorrow will be a good day, although we can't meet each other, but well, technologies keep us in touch. Hehe.

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kenwooi said...

yam cha at mamak is fun =)