Thursday, March 25, 2010


Yay!! Will be going back to Ipoh tomorrow noon again. Haven't been going back this month. Hehe. As usual, I will be going back tomorrow at 12.45pm (Direct Bus to Ipoh) YEAH!! Nothing is up this week, so, I'm free to go back. Initially we had to pass up our EEE Assignment 2 this Saturday and having a group by group interview. But because of the Final Year Project Presentation by the Final Year students, my lecturer postponed it to Sunday. Then, many said that they have church stuffs and some have Cheng Ming( I don't know how to spell it, paiseh) So postponed to one week later~ Syokness~~~.. Haha..

Few days back I went to Sunshine Mall to buy biscuits, mee and some snacks for myself to eat in hostel. When I was shopping for stuffs, I found Munchy's Lexus having a promotion with 25% extra, of course with an increment in its price too. But it looked so big and long so I decided to get it. Haha. It looks like this ::

This is the wrapper, it looks not much longer BUT
Have I not been eating this biscuit for months or has it really increased by 50% instead of 25?? Haha.. =D

Oh yea.. I'll be going for PGS Band Concert this coming Saturday. Anyone else going too? =) Time to meet up~~

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