Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Finally, rain came to Penang. Not the korean singer but the weather. LoL. It hasn't been raining here for months and now it has started to rain. Since monday till today, every evening without a miss. Haha. So syok to sleep everynight after the rain. That's why I have been sleeping early these nights. Haha. But the bad thing is, I have to wake up every morning at 7am. "Potong Steam" betul. Tsk tsk~~ Wanna cover myself in blanket and enjoy sleeping during the best time to sleep of the day also tak boleh. But after next week maybe can already =D

Hmmm... According to my maths lecturer, he said next week will be the last week for classes but according to the semester time table next week will be the second last week. So, which one is true? O.O??? Haha, we'll see. Works well both ways but prefer it to end next week then I will have 2 weeks to revise before the final exams =D

This week and next week will be the most packed weeks of the semester. Phew~ Gotta start my revisions now for my friday test. Worried for saturday's assignment interview. :x

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