Thursday, July 30, 2009

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Before I started this course, when I chose this course, many people including those graduated from Degree and some of my brother's friends who are undergraduates in this course told me that it is gonna be a very tough course. Top hardest courses in the Engineering Field. Now I find that what they said were very true. This course is indeed a very tough course. Especially studying in a private college, requirements and standards here are higher I feel. The projects they give are tough. Competition here is high. From the beginning of this semester till now, my class has lost 10 students making my class from 40 to 30 students now. Some of my course mates told me that they are planning to change course after this semester or some are even going out to work, due to the difficulty of this course. I don't hope to see my friends dropping out. *sigh*

I am starting to feel stressed in this course. During my first week here, I told myself to set a good foundation for myself by getting a GPA of 4.0. 2 weeks later I told myself again, 3.8 would do good for you. Now, 2 weeks away from the final exams, all I hope for is just 3.5 and above. All I wish now is to be in Dean's list. I never expected this course to be so tough, much tougher than I had expected. During the beginning when I made my mind to study in this course, many had told me to BE PREPARED but I took things easy. Finally, I experienced it. IT IS TOUGH!!

"I just wanna be in Dean's list(3.5 & above)"


To Glorify Him said...

Dun stress bro! Relax...Keep praying and have ur faith in God

Jefferychan said...

Good luck dude ^^
Life's never easy so chill :D

reanaclaire said...

Yeah, don't frighten yourself.. think positively.. God will guide u through ... don't pressurized yourself so much... do your best..

Ric Edquilang said...

Giving up will not be paid.. be optimistic... I'm a Degree holder of ECE and find my way to get licensed this coming october by passing the board. No hard and tough times when you believe to yourself.. Believe me....

kanishk said...

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Richard Bendaris said...

oo..its a sad story, even some times I have got same problem when I learned "electrical courses" from , some my performance was not good but I took it as challenge and I did it..hope you will recover it cheer up

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