Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's Exam Time~!!!

Time passed so fast. Perak Marching Band Competition2009 is over. Congrats to The Saints for getting 2nd this year. It was a great achievement especially with a majority of juniors in the band marching for the first time. Good Job Guys~!!! I met lots of friends there on that night. All ex-smi people and even some from other schools but one thing that I am little disappointed at myself is that I didn't get to talk much with them. Just more of Hi & Bye conversations. But it's really nice meeting all of them again seeing that they are in good shape. Especially the CG people, Louis,Desmond and Wilson. Didn't get to chat with them too. All my ex-band brothers in MMB. *SIgh* Good to see Kwok Sing on that night being the same old him. Haha. Anyway, it's not the end of the world. Hope to see you guys soon again. I think it will be in August the next time we have the chance to meet up =) Take Care Guys...
Meet two Poi Lam members too on that night. They were friendly. Dominic and Joshua. Guess will be meeting them too on that Merdeka Day too. =)

Next up will be my final exams for Semester One. Again time passed to fast. lol. I have 2 weeks left to study for my final exams and on the theird week from now I will be taking my Final Exams. Wish me the best of luck =)

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