Monday, July 13, 2009

What A Meal

Let me tell you guys something very exciting today. My friends and I went to Penang Road for lunch today cause we plan after makan go somewhere there nearby to buy materials for our project. We ordered and enjoyed our meal. After eating and drinking, my friend went out to "Tah Pau" some fried food(Fried Cempedak, Fried Banana) and brought in to eat. After eating 2 pieces only, something dripped from the ceiling. Then there was a very strong smell of shit smell. Oh SHIT~!!. It's real shit. Two of my friends got a few drips on them. Wahlao, don't know where those shit came from also. We quickly ran out and followed them to get a new shirt. Very bad experience today. We don't dare to go to the same place again. Famous laksa and cendol, but too bad, it's not clean enough to be there. *Sigh*

(1) Building an Inductor and a Capacitor - DUE ON FRIDAY
(2) Programming assignment - DONE
(3) English Presentation - DONE
(4) Written Work for Basic Electrical Technology - DONE
(5) Upcoming Final Lab Test - DONE
(6) Second Test for Basic Electrical Technology - TOMORROW

Oh man.. Finally two weeks of busyness is gonna be over soon. Gonna go hang out with my friends this friday for movies and makan =)

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