Wednesday, July 08, 2009

In The Mid Of Busyness

Hey all, I am ack to update my survival status on my assignments. Still surviving. still relaxing, still enjoying. Haha. My mum is gonna be so worried when she sees this. Haha. She will be thinking " What is Andy doing in college? Enjoying himself when his desk is full of assignments and pojects" Don't worry mum~! You are used to it for the past 5 years already. Hehe, my mum knows very well bout me since PMR and SPM. Haha. Her blood pressure goes up whenever she thinks bout my studies and she only gets a relief for a few days after my results come out and then her blood pressure will increase again. I have a funny yet wonderful mother :D

Will be back to Ipoh on the 24th for the Perak Band Finals. SMI made it to finals. Haha. Even my close friend who were lost from band couple years back is back to band to perform for the bass drum line this year. Nice one. I am gonna meet up with lots of people this coming finals. Can't wait for the day to come. Haha.