Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Back For Updates

Okie, lets update some stuffs after holiday mania. Ok firstly, I've got a new member to my family. He is a puppy, long puppy. Yeah, I know what's on your mind now and yeapz you are right, he is a daschund a.k.a hotdog. It's a pure breed and we named him jingle bell. Yeah, you know, a long name for a long dog. Haha. And since christmas is approaching, that's how he got name.

Meet Jingle Bell, he is only 10 months old. ^^

Next up, I've decided and have registered online for MMU(Multimedia University) in Melaka. It took me a lot of time to consider and finally I've decided to go there. I will be doing engineering, electronics engineering there and I will be starting school in february. February? Why so early? That's the 1st intake. The 2nd intake is way too late which is on June and I don't know what to do for such a long time. Now, since I am starting in February, I won'e be working part time in January. I will utilize all my time hanging out having fun. That's all I am gonna do. ^^

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