Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Blog

Hi all, I've got myself a new blog with a new template and URL. Why did I do this? My old blog was good. Well, my mum wanted to use my blog to do advertisements cause that blog seems to fetch a lot of people to advertise there. So,I agve my mum that blog, and I havve to make myself a new one. I have to transfer all the posts from that blog to here. Initially, there is a way where I could just duplicate the whole blog, but I guess it was not my lucky day and it ended up with errors. lol. So, I had to copy EVERYTHING bit by bit to this blog and it took me bout an hour to settle everything. From now on, this will be my blog and the old blog will belong to my mum. So guys and girls, sorry to trouble you all, hope you would re-link me in to this address. Thanks all.

I will be going down to Penang AGAIN tomorrow. Yeapz, you can say I am going for second round of food fest but this time I am not gonna push myself into diarrhoea again this time. Hehe.

Lastyly, some updates on my future studies. I've finalized everything and I will be going to Cyberjaya on February 2009. I made up my mind and I will choose to go to MMU CYBERJAYA taking Foundation Of Engineering and then a degree for Electronics Engineering Majoring in Computer. This is my last and final decision. Still in the process to finish up my application forms and documents. Well, hope everthing does well. ^^

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kenwooi said...

MMU Cyberjaya! Great! All the best! =)