Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Eve

Today is the last day for year 2008. Let's see, year 2008 has been a great year, actually not that great ler. l0l. Just like any other years, but this year is different that it is the last year of secondary school life. WooHoo. No more secondary school life. Moving on will be Uni life. I can feel that it is more fun in University than in School. Haha. Anyone celebrating New Year? Going for countdown and watch fireworks? Actually I can see fireworks from my house but it depends on where they light it up. Haha. Tomorrow will be a new day of year 2009 with a new resolution but I am still thinking bout my New Year's Resolution. How bout having more friends? Yeapz, that's definately gonna be in my list. Let's add more to it when time comes. Oh yea, and enjoy life to the max. ^^

I got to know that many of my friends are not working in Jusco. Hehe, that makes me feel like working too, but there is not much time left for me to enjoy as I've got lots more to do on my "To-DO List" after spm. There are still lots more to fulfill and I've got only 1 more month to do so. Hehe, not gonna work for my last one month of holiday. Gonna work hard and complete my list of "missions". Too all my friends who are working, all the best in earning and have fun when you are working. Don't take work seriously. l0l. Just enjoy while you work. Hehe

Lastly, to all my friends who just received their PMR 2008 results, congratz to all the ones who got great results and may you all achieve more in the future. For those who get unexpected results, may you all work harder in the future. Well, all the best to all form 3's, this is the last day to enjoy 15 years old life and next year, you will all be moving into ARTS and SCIENCE streams. All The Best In Your Future Undertakings. ^^

Signing Off...

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