Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Ends.. But...

Wolla, I am back from holidays 2008. Wakaka. Just came back from Penang yesterday. Let me tell you all what got into me. Ok firstly, it was a wonderful trip to Penang staying in G Hotel. That hotel is fantastic. 5 Star hotel. Very nice and grand. They had welcome drinks and I drink few cups yea. Kekeke. You whould go and try it out some day. Hehe. I told myself, me mission in Penang was to eat as much as I can and enjoy every single bite of food and taste every little bite. Lets see what I ate throughout the whole 3 days. If I could remember. Laksa, Chow Kuey Teow, Nasi Lemak, Apom( Many Flavours), Pancakes, Ikan Bakar, Sotong, Rojak, Tau Fu Fah. That was on the first two days. On the second day itself I ate 3 bowls of Laksa. And guess what, I had diarrhoea the next day. Saddening cause it stopped me from trying the Thai Food before we leave for Ipoh. The Thai Food was so nice. I could taste it with my eyes 0.0. But still, I took a few bites of everything. Wakaka. Since I am having diarrhoea already, no harm adding more to it. Haha. After eating, went home, and started to get sick. Haha. Everything that went it came out. It's a circle. Great, I don't have to exercise to lose them. Wakaka. Gabriel, some day you should go to Penang and experience the food. Me and My brother stuffed lots of rubbish into our stomaches

Next up, I will be finding for a part time job. Actually, I did not want to work, but now, since I am entering late for uni, I will have to work part time. I am stil considering where to go. Anyone interested to go to MMU with me??

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