Saturday, May 12, 2007

Exam Relieve

Exam can said to be over today but one more Physics Paper 2 next monday. Haha. It's a relieve that everything has ended. I learnt my lesson through this exam. Form 4 life ain't easy. This mid-term exam I am sure to be failing history and my other subjects would be C and D. I am not used to the change of format.This has been a great experience for me.So, I will try my best again in future exams. Anyway, I want to say thanks to KENG JOON and VIN FEI for helping me out with some subjects. Haha. Thanks a lot guys. If they are reading it here. Haha.

Tonight gonna play computer till late at night again. Since there is no band practice tomorrow but only if my grandfather allows. Haha. My mum not around he is the boss. He controls strictly but even if he ask to sleep I will still stay awake. Haha. My mum went to Toronto. Hope she enjoys there as much as I enjoy here. Haha. I enjoy my computer, she enjoy her holiday. Haha.

2 more weeks to band camp. Can't wait to fellowship with the members again. Life in band is left short for me. Time flies till now I am form 4. Can't believe that it's May now. Band comp coming soon also. Haha. Need to be physically and mentally ready for it. Haha. Gambateh MMB.


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