Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Exam Season

Hello all. After a long break of streamyx problems. Finally settled today. 3 weeks of disconnection makes me sick and frustrated. Then past three days CAN'T EVEN CONNECT. Wah today only settled the problem. FInally I can blog, check my mails, do some foruming and surfing. Hehe.

Exam started today. ICT. Funny thing is I forgot the defination of ICT 0nce I got the paper. I was very angry that time after memorising it. Then it all came back to me piece by piece and I have to like fix the words and lines into position. So funny man. Haha. Ended up doing ICT is like playing with words puzzle.l0l. Then the next hard question was explain briefly the evolution of computers. Wahlao I can't write the whole history down man. That was just freaking hard. I can see people sweating doing that question. Objective questions are suppose to be easy and 2 questions came out on BINARY CODES. WHAT?!?! That IT teacher said it would never come out because it's something impossible to learn. memorising bytes? SIAO!!! Where got such thing. What is the binary code for 23? How are we suppose to know? It's digits 1 and 0 making up 8 digit number to form a byte. And how many patterns could you form using 1 and 0 alone. Crazy question man.

There will be a band function on this Sunday and MMB is "honoured" to be chosen to play for opening and closing ceremony. Well, maybe they thing we have exam during the whole week we are the special one and we should be given the "honour". Duhhh. Just accept it la. Anyway we get a cert and a T-shirt. Not that bad after all. Haha.

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