Saturday, May 05, 2007


LoL. New TV had arrived. Panasonic LCD 32". FuiYohh. Finally can watch something from upstairs. Much clearer channels. Haha. No need to run down and use astro decoder anymore to watch normal channels. Normally have to run all the way down to press ONE channerl then run back all the way up. L0L. Now just press on the spot. Haha. Only 480i? How to make the quality to 1080i? l0l. Any professional help?

Exams are still going on. Finish ICT, English, EST and a paper of BM. So far so good. Today's English paper 2 is kinda fun. Interesting choice to write a composition on THE FUTURE YEAR 2020. Haha. I banged everything that I could think of in there.

Well, That's it for now. Exam season not much things to do. Haha. Wait for band season. Haha

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