Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hectic Band Life - UPDATED

Band life is just starting to get hectic especially when we haven't even started to prepare for the competition which is 3 weeks away. Not even a single step of the formation. Well, what to do. SMI exams was so early this year untill we have to postpone everything and be busy. Stupid teachers complaining bout the noise we make. Headmaster wants us to practice but teacher scold us. How lah? One say this One say that. Have to skip classes to finish up learning the songs and the drum solo. How? Camp coming next week from Saturday till Wednesday morning. We will be staying beside the construction site. Dusty place to stay and noisy also. ZzZz.

Why? Why is there nothing which I do can be better than the others? I feel like everything I do just brings no effect to anything. Is there anything I can do where I can feel myself being useful? Every suggestion of mine and actions of mine just will always lose to the plans of others. Why? Am I just the type that should stay and wait for orders?

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