Friday, December 11, 2009

3 Weeks Left

Time flies again and I have 3 weeks left for holidays. My holidays end the same time as the current secondary school students, whereby my classes starts on 4th of Jan too. So, I have 3 weeks more to enjoy myself. Sometimes I feel lazy to go back for class, but sometimes I feel that I miss college life. Haha. Depends on mood.
My mum and sis flew to Japan yesterday night and my bro is still in Italy mainly enjoying than working. Haha. So I'm home alone. Not really alone, my maid's here and so is my grandpa.

Still haven't got any plans for these coming days, but as for today, I'll be going to the IC department to renew my IC. YES, I'm 18 going on 19 in a month's time. l0l. I seem old among most of my friends. Haha. Will be going there with Keng Joon. It has been a long time since the last time I met him. Good thing he stays nearby and he knows the way to go. So I'll be picking him up and 2pm later. Hopefully we have time to go for a drink after that.

My grandpa's car just came back after whole body paint over. I don't know how it looks like exactly yet cause when the car came back I just woke up. Haha, and the car is not here now, so , will catch a look of it later. The exterior is done and now it's time to pimp the interior. My grandpa said he wants to make the car as nice as possible for me and my brother to use =O.

Right, Going for lunch now...
BTW, Enjoy this video. Forwarded to me by Tihn Chern


Gabriel said... sound so lonely. haha..why don't want fly to japan as well? hehe..

To Glorify Him said...

hey bro..spend ur time well at home, meet friends, and talk to kong is working, need to rush for presentation worry, all of us b back soon, for ur birthday rite??

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