Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jusco Turned Pasar Malam

I went Jusco this evening with my family after dinner. We first had dinner at Kok Thai Restaurant, Ipoh, (Tong Yuen Festival) before proceeding to the opposite Jusco. Upon arriving, I see that Jusco was very packed as it was Jusco JCard Day. Everything is in discount from till 80%. WoW!!! I think this is the first time I see such high discount. Hmmm... Maybe it's because I seldom go for sales and shopping. Haha.

The surprising thing during this sale is that the environtment in Jusco was like Pasar Malam. The staffs were shouting to promote, stocks of handbags came in boxes and was let off to be sold. Everything was just like Pasar Malam.

I got a few snapshots before the guard told me not to snap pics. PaiSeh... =P
Hopefully their staffs don't see this.. Haha


reanaclaire said...

wah... great pictures, son.. i didnt know u were snapping pics.. yes, cannot snap in malls one.. or any kind of exhibition, last time i snapped in one church seminar, also cannot.. :)
psst.. may i curi your pics for my blog?

Gabriel said...

hhaa...really like pasar malam ad. LOL.

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