Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jusco With Rhu

Went out today with Rhu after lunch for movie, Storm Warriors II. Reached Jusco around 1.30pm and got tickets. Saw some old friends and met Johnathan with his younger bro and they joined us for the same movie. Haha. I think they can understand the movie cause the movie is more like 80% of actions and 20% of dialogues. I don't know why that movie can last for 2 hours. After watching that movie, I felt like only 1 hour had past. The storyline was so short, I can't remember most of the parts even after watching it cause it seemed so simplified. I guess most parts of the movie is dragged long by the slow motion actions and the static "posts". All they do is to stand there with a background music till the screen turns black =.=

After movie, we went for tea at secret recipe. We had a cake each and they gave us free coffee. I wanted to drink tea but I didn't know what the waitress was introducing to me, so I simply chose coffee and did not really drink it cause I don't drink coffee. Haha. I usually keep myself awake on tea rather than coffee. After that, we went to food court and ate claypot noodles and claypot rice. I feel very very very full now. I don't know whether I should take dinner or not. Haha.

The funniest part today was that rhu lost his parking ticket. LoL. So what we did was, we started to by trying to get another ticket from the entrance but too bad the CCTV was there aiming at the machine. So we went all the way to the exit and call for help. The staffs came and Rhu told them a story. He told them that he put the ticket into the paying machine but nothing came out. I was thinking whether they would check at the machine whether the payment was made or not. but they didn't, all they did was to check if the machine upstairs(The one we mentioned) was working or not only. Haha and they let us off just like that because many cars were stucked behind already. Haha.


To Glorify Him said... u all cheated??how u all made ur way careless..

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