Sunday, December 06, 2009

Penang One Day Trip

Two days ago on Friday, I went to Penang Again to settle some stuffs in my college. I did not go myself, I went with Kwok Sing this time cause he too wanted to go to Penang for the PC Fair at PISA. Good thing PISA was only 5 minutes away from my college. Haha. We reached there around 11am and my friend Erik came to fetch us, our transport for the day, Thanks Erik. Next we went to college and settled some stuffs before we go for lunch at IRC. Ordered so much food and we ended up with the receipt stating RM84.xx. O.O~!! Haha. Then we went straight for PC Fair to look out for Kwok Sing's lappy, he wanted to get a new laptop, we got there, found his model, put down the deposit, settled it and off we go by the time it was already 3.++Pm. Erik needed to go home already, so he dropped us both at Queensbay. At Queensbay, 2 guys, nothing to do, wanted to go for a movie but there wasn't any suitable time but we came across T-Bowl Restaurant. O.o?? Then he said, "Let's go in, lama lama satu kali jom..." LOL.
So we went in and chilled.
Look the the Menu itself is made "Special"
My "Bathtub" of banana boat
His "Bathtub" of ice cream
Wonderful Seats
Dining Tables

We shared this "Toilet-Bowl" of Cheese Baked Chicken Chop Rice. After eating, we both felt like vomiting. We ordered this because of it's little toilet bowl. Haha.
The serve shit here too. =O


Gabriel said...

eh...when are u going to bring me there? hehe...

andybuddy2639 said...

haha when u come to penang again i'll bring u there, ur treat :P

To Glorify Him said...

haha, serve shit and taste like shit?man, so funny..lets go again next round, call gabriel, and he surely can belanja something better like chillies..

Gabriel said...

i thought someone in italy rich ad?haha..

Anonymous said...

Thank u :) look at this emo boy style on this blog: