Sunday, November 08, 2009

First Week Of Hols

It has been one week since the starting of my semester break. I have been hanging out. I don't know why I can't stand staying at home doing nothing already. Last time during the holidays I can stay at home doing nothing but online and starring at my room's ceiling spining. But now, I'm very restless already. I need to go out. Haha. So I've been going out quite often. Whoever I'm going out with, whatever I do outside doesn't matter as long as I am outside. Haha. But whatever it is, I will never get involve with cigarette and alcohol that's for sure. =)

Today is my 8th month with her. Woo~ I'm happy for it cause our relationship has been rough at time when I was in Penang and now that I am back in Ipoh, we still face some problems meeting up but I guess it's alright now. 8 months might seem like a short time, but not for me. Every single day that I go through with her is wonderful. So many bad things happen to people everywhere every moment but yet I could still go through a happy day with her, isn't that good already? =)

Everybody enjoy this, this is KUMAR the DRAG QUEEN ( Singapore Comedian)

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