Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back From Korea, About Korea :)

I'm back from Korea, the South, Haha, 2 days ago. This is a delayed post, cause I was dead tired. Korea was a fun place, the weather especially. Finally, I get to experience winter in negative degrees celcius temperature. I think the winter clothings that I packed was not thick enough. Haha. It's so nice to experience my nose, ears and lips freezing. I merely talk with my lips not moving. Haha. When we walk outside with heavy wind, it's like struggling to find for a shelter. Whenever I get into an indoor area, it feels good, even the toilet feels good. LoL.

The food? Hmmm, food was OK for the first few meals, but when it gets longer, we're like eating the same thing over and over again and it gets bored. Probably because that's the only thing they eat there, unlike in Malaysia, we have a multiracial choices of food. Haha. When I was there, I start to appreciate Malaysian food. :D They serve a few types of common food all the time like kimchi, taufu, beansprout and stuffs like that. Every meal, they have it. =.= . But one thing good about their food is that, you barely find oil in it. That makes their food feel super healthy :D

The environment? Much much better than Malaysia. It's cleaner there, even the public toilet is so comfortable that we can sleep inside, but nobody does it of course. It's just nice. Feels so comfortable everytime nature calls. LoL. Not to forget, the weather is nice. Probably cause it's winter now =.=" It feels so hot now in Malaysia.

The people? Hmmm, the people there are more or less like chinese. Cause long long ago, they were chinese and the history was that they adapted the chinese culture and traditions before they had their own. So their words were some similar to chinese wordings. However, you can't identify them as chinese when you look at them. Koreans are better looking. Haha. I think because of their weather and the food they eat, their skin are more smooth and fair. I think they have smaller eyes compared to chinese like us, but my eyes are small too >.< so can't talk much on that. Haha.

The things? Although their money(WON) is smaller than RM but their value is higher. Everything you buy there, you have to divide by 1000 and multiply it by 3 to see approximated value in RM. Say, I buy a bun there that costs 1000 WON so it's like RM3 here. Things there are expensive. Shopping there is almost like shopping in US. Have to multiply everything by 3. Haha.

The cars? Oh yea. 50% of the population there owns a car, which means you find a person with a car in every 2 people. 90% of them drive Hyundai and Kia, cause it's their national car. How I which our national cars are that nice. I did not see even a Toyota car, saw a few Honda, more Audi than BMW and Honda. Woo~ Imagine that? Haha. High income country, you can't find any old cars there, every car is new, even their Taxi's all look like Camry. >.< but they use Hyundai Sonata.

That's all about Korea, drop me a message in my chatbox if you have more questions :P

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reanaclaire said...

wow.. you are very observant and you describe them pretty well.. can i borrow this post to my blog? :)