Sunday, December 19, 2010


I went to the Perak/Singapore Band Exchange Program concert yesterday. It was something new to see so many bands combine together to hold a charity concert. It's nice. Something new especially when they made the concert like as though we were boarding a plane =.=" The emcee aka the "pilot" and his assistant tried to crack some jokes but I felt it did not work out cause I don't listen the audience laughing. It must be hard to be him. LoL.

Went there with my girlfriend. Haha, almost every concert I attend together with her and it never fails for any concert to make us happy. As it was a band concert that got us to meet each other, that's why any band concerts bring us back in time to memories. Hehe. It's a great time together and a time to be cherished with each other :) <3

After the concert, was time to meet up with some friends. Somehow, I felt old during the concert cause I no longer find much familiar faces among the band members and also from the crowd like how it used to be during my concert experiences in 2005 and 2008 when I was in the band. Except for some juniors from the section. Haha.
What's nice is that I got to meet up with lots of old school mates and a little band mates I think I can name them all out. I met Wei Hao first then Jeffery, Desmond, Ian, Ken Hoong, Chee Cheng and Hsien rhu came last for yamcha session. Then my bandmates too, long lost BD-mer Eemir, Nakiee, Tihn Chern, Wai Keong and the usual percussion gang members.

Should be arranging for a meet up with the juniors after christmas before classes start again in January. Back to Penang again on the 8th of January, right before my birthday. Aiseh.... :(

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