Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bullet And Brain

Went to the mall with friends again last monday. Watch BULLET AND BRAIN. At first we were all empty minded, don't know what shows to watch but finally just simply bought the ticket to bullet and brain. One chinese type of gangsterism show.But turned out it is more of a comedy type of show. It was seriously a nice show. No regrets going for that show. Wei Sheng bought nokia N73 on the spot with cash? l0l. That fella lots of cash. 1.3k worth of cash money just pour out like that to get the phone.

Internet is slow like mad again today and it will last till 26 of Novomber which is next monday the first day of my perfect camp. Wahlao, wanna enjoy before the camp also cannot. Can't play games nothing. 5 Days of camp. Please please please hopefully it WOULD be fun.

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