Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Visit To my Father's Place

Went to the cemetery today. My grandfather brought me there to change the soil for planting candles. At first I was very lazy to go cause it was hot that time bout 2pm but upon reaching there I felt that I should be there. It's like I can't wait to change the soil and see my father again. 10 years we departed means the last time I saw my father's face was when I was still in kindergarden 6 years old. Sometimes I really wish he could still be here. I really want to know the feeling of having a father's love. Yes, I felt it for 6 years but that was when I am so young and I can't feel anything cause everything was no normal to me. But now, looking that everyone has a father who lecture's them, who scolds them who banns them from doing this and that and they are complaining bout their father, how I wish I get lectured, scolded and grounded by my father. It's really desperate that I can give anything just to feel a father's love. A perfect family tree. It's just too much to be missed when someone's not around.

To everyone who reads my blog. Appreciate your parents no matter who they are and how they treat you. Cherish the time you have for you can't predict when will they be leaving you.

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