Thursday, November 08, 2007

Untitled vs The-Guyz

First match of Michaelian Cyber Games DotA competition began today and our first match we totally own the form 6's(The-guyz). Haha. Didn't thought it was so easy. Kills 29 vs 6. WOW. Haha. Joel, Hsien Rhu, Jeffery and me really had a great teamwork today. Best ever compared to previous games that we played in blueserver. I think we perform better in LAN than in Blueserver. Well this is only the preliminaries. Next round will be fighting with ZoiD. If we win we go to the semi-finals next tuesday. If not we will draw and will be fighting another group. Hope can go for at least 3rd place which is already a very great success. Can't wait for our second match. Gonna get a mic and skype with them while dota-ing. Better teamwork enforcement. ^.^

Next stop, ya I passed my prefect probation "FINALLY". End of the year only pass means only get to wear my blazer next year. Need to find a second hand one from my ex-senior.

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