Thursday, November 15, 2007

Messed Up

Today was the last day for my team (Untitled) to be in MCG 07. After a big care of havoc of scolding and arguements which ended up in a long story, well the conclusion is we are letting ZoiD up to semi-finals. It has been a long story and a long conflict happenings between the two teams. Don't wanna talk bout it. Forget bout the competition. Now get back to personal life. ^.^

Next two weeks will be LTC. Prefects camp la. Seriously very lazy to go for that camp. 5 days 4 nights somemore. I don't want to go. I rather go to school for band rpactice. Why must there be this camp? Haizz. Don't wanna go~!!!

How's my new face for this blog? Isn't it "new"? Haha. Took me 2 nights to search for this template. None of the templates are nice and since streamyx was BADLY down on those 2 days. I utilized it by upgrading my blog since it is already 1+ years old. Haha.

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