Monday, June 30, 2008

A Dedication To All My Band Brothers

To all form 5’s here today, I would like to thank you all for being my good brothers in The Saints for the past 5 years. Life in secondary school wouldn’t be fun without joining the band and meeting you guys. Joining the band was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life and the thing that I won’t regret doing in secondary school no matter how much I need to sacrifice. With you guys, I share my everything, my happiness and my sadness, my joy and my pain. The tears we dropped, the laughers we had, it’s pure memories in our hearts now. Form 1 was the time we were juniors of the band and we are now going to leave the band. Closing my eyes and thinking back the times when I was a little junior till who I am now, I can sense how fast time flies.

The Michaelian Military Band is the place where I’ve brought up as what I am now. Without the band, my life would completely be a different story. Today is our last day in the band and my heart feels really heavy just to retire from the band. The band has left so much memories in me that I couldn’t put down.

Remember the times when we come to school for night practices? Hanging out after practice in the afternoon at mamak? Teasing each another? Spending a night in school after concert? Having supper during midnight in KFC? Complaining bout practices? Laughing and crying after every competition? Crying in the lecture theatre 2 weeks before 2004 Perak Band Finals? Coming to school in the morning of competition day for rehearsal at stadium? Feeling nervous before it’s our turn to perform? Warming up behind the stadium? The feel of stepping into the stadium and on the field? The moment when we stepped out and hear the cheers of the crowd?

These are the things we are putting down now. Honestly these are the memories that made my tears flow down my cheeks while typing this. Few hours from now we would be leaving the band but I always keep this in my heart. I really hope to see you guys, my brothers coming back next year, spending another 12 minutes on the stadium field together and bringing our band to achieve greater heights. My dream has always been getting 1st in Perak and touring with the band to overseas. I feel nice whenever I spend my time with a Michaelian Military Bandsman. The feeling is more than just a normal friendship. Things we do together, we do not do it with other people. No matter what happens, keep this in your hearts my brothers

“ Once a band member, Always a band member”

My brothers,
- Joshua
- Navin
- Shahrin
- Bryan
- Jeffery
- Louis
- Wei Sheng
- Desmond
- Sharma
- Wah Lun
- Wilson
- Goh
All the best in your future undertakings

~With Pride Shall We March~

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