Saturday, June 14, 2008

Unforgettable Memories Shall Last

It feels so different this year especially this two months June and July where there is no band competition for St.Michaels. Every night before I sleep I think back of 2004 - 2007 the times of formation practices and competition. Time passes so fast. I don't notice myself going through so much in band already. So many competitions and so many memorable nights on the field. The feeling is indescribable. Stepping on the field on that night is priceless and it's a once in a lifetime experience. I feel proud when I am in there because I can feel the amount of spectators looking at us marching and playing songs at the same time. It's not something everyone can do. The feel on the competition day is great. Going to school in the evening. Getting the instruments down and prepare to go to stadium. Once in stadium we move to the back to wait and warm up ourselves, change into our uniforms and talk to each another giving each another words of advice and spirits of being a marching member on the field.

Looking back at the photos during the competition and flashing my mind over all I've been through makes my tears flow down my cheeks. Thinking back, I've experience marching with my seniors and juniors carrying both bass and snare drums. And thinking back, it's like it is about to happen and I can't wait to do it but it has actually happened. My time in MMB has come to an end. Why did it pass so fast? Every night when the competition ends I tell myself next year is coming. But now, there is no more chance for me to march and feel eyes on me as a member in the band. I've almost forgotten how it feels like to march on the field since the last time I went there. What I have been feeling these days are the feelings I have when I was a form 1. How does it feel like to march on the field in the stadium? I ask myself recently. All I want now is just another 12 minutes on that field.

These are the most memorable years in my life. 4 years of that. No way I can get it off my mind. The pride is more than anything in the world.

Perak Band finals will be nexy friday night. I can't imagine how it feels like to go into the stadium and sit at the spectators view and not at the back on the stadium.

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