Sunday, June 08, 2008

There Goes Concert

Concert was yesterday and today I started missing concert already. Concert ended bout 11++pm yesterday night and after packing and stuffs we went back to school bout 1 something in the morning. After resting a while we started our journey to town's 24-hours KFC to have supper. The best part comes when Mun Ming sent us a sms saying that he will pay for our bill. Great~!! So we ordered lots of food and ended up not finishing them so we take away and bring it back for the guard to eat since he is so good to us. Haha. It is so fun to mix around with the SK WInds members.

Band life now would be dull again and even dull for me after handover. No more band practices to attend. The last one would be the AGM. Band life is really coming to an end. I feel very heavy hearted to leave the band or in better saying retiring for The Saints. Normally we finish competition at the end of June before we start to relax but now it's just too early to relax and retire. Will I be back after this year? I miss those fun I had with my seniors last time and my juniors now. My concert members especially those who had fun with me playing basketball from midnight till morning. I miss those times. How can money buy time? If money can buy time I would spend to travel back in time. Well well well, no more mamak food with my juniors, no more fun with my funny juniors. Time passes so fast. Concert ended in a blink of an eye.

Percussion Section Leaders of Term 06/07 and 07/08

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