Friday, June 20, 2008

Perak Finals Tomorrow Night

Normally this time of the year I would be preparing for the big day of my life. The Marching Band Competition. I would be polishing my shoe now, ironing my uniform and preparing my clothings for morning rehearsal. Can't sleep at night cause the day next day will be very exciting. And for year 04 05 06 and 07 I never missed a chance getting the pride of the "Michaelian Spirit" on the competition day once in the stadium.

Many things in St.Michael has lost the "Semangat Michaelian" which is something that drives me in the band every year during the competition. Stepping into the stadium itself can make me feel the cool breeze on my hands and the pride of a marching member. I want it back but unfortunately we can't turn back time. St.Michaels every year on the field will give an impression on the audience not by it's competitive show but by it's spirit of a michaelian. I never take competition so much as a competition. I take it more as something I do when I have the "Michaelian Spirit". Winning or losing doesn't matter to me as long as I keep the tradition of doing it with the spirit of a michaelian.

I am afraid that after tomorrow night I will turn emotional. Simply because I lost something I love most in my life.

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