Thursday, June 05, 2008

3 Days To Concert

Concert will be coming in 3 days time and everyone has been working round the clock almost everyday to make this concert a success. This concert would be the last major function I will be joining but I hope I could join another concert in the future or even marching band competition. Haha. After this friday. life in MMB will be very dull again. No more extra night practices and going to MAMAK for lunch and dinner with my brothers in MMB. After this week, the band marching competitions will be held in all states and I really want to watch the preliminary rounds next week on monday. Argh!!! I hope my mother will allow me to go. Can't join the competition but at least spectate other bands. This year will be a very interesting year. How would it feel like to be in the stadium again but NOT to perform and compete. *sigh*

Went to penang last sunday and monday. Had a great time eating and eating. See, first we arrived in penang road to eat laksa and chaw kuey teaw. Then we went to Queensbay for a walk till bout 2 then we went to some place(I don't know where) for laksa AGAIN and LOH BAK( A type of food) until bout 4. Then we went back to the hotel to rest, bath and watch some television and before we know it. It was time for dinner. So we went to some place to eat. My, my bro and sis shared 4 bowls of mee and a plate of chicken rice. Haha. Okie Dokie. Very full at that time so we went to the beach side for a walk. For 30 minutes then we went for supper in some place (I don't know where again). Went back to hotel slept and next morning went for breakfast. EAT again la. A plate of chicken shop rice and a bowl of KUEY TEOW TENG.

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