Monday, June 30, 2008

AGM 2008

Yesterday was AGM and then was when I felt that time passed so fast. I still remember the times when I was a form 1 being ordered and commanded by seniors in the line, looking at seniors leave the band after AGM and now it's my turn. How I wish now I am still a junior looking at EXCO's passing their posts to the seniors. Time passes too fast and it was my turn for my batch to pass our posts down to our juniors. 5 years is really that fast? I wonder what would've happen if I did not join the band in form 1. I would be missing so much fun. The thing that I will keep most in my heart is always the competition day from morning till midnight. That is always the best day in my life. Not to forget, all my friends and all who went through band life with me. Thank you all. You guys are the best people I've ever met in life. Without you guys, my life wouldn't be so meaningful. Without you guys in the band, I wouldn't have experience so much, learn so much and grow up to be who I am now. Special thanks to my friends of my batch, my juniors, my seniors, my instructor, my teacher advisors. Thank you all who helped the band to be one big family consisting of people from different backgrounds. THANK YOU

~With Pride Shall We March~

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