Sunday, June 22, 2008

So Near Yet So Far

Went for Band Finals yesterday night and I felt many things. I feel uneasy cause I am doing something different from what I've been doing. Normally I should be behind falling in and preparing to warm up. This year I walk around the stadium and look at bands warm up. It's completely the opposite of what I've done. I was there in the stadium but I wasn't performing. It's just weird for me for a change in time for me. However I enjoyed being a spectator and after the competition I felt as if I've just finished a competition. Maybe it's because SMI's rival lost that makes me feel as if I've competed. Well, time has passed and like what Navin says, it's time to move on. MMB '09. The pride of St.Michael will be back~!

It ended up with
1st - SMK Nan Hwa, Sitiawan
2nd - SMK Ave Maria Convent, Ipoh
3rd - SMK Perempuan Perak, Ipoh

After that night Navin came to my house to overnight and talk a little issues bout band but we fell asleep due to tiredness.

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