Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Everybody!!! It's now 2011. Haha. Did everyone have a good countdown last night? Hope you all did. Mine was fine, but I have a bad start for this new year. Haha. Not gonna talk about it here.

It's a new year, I should change a new template, but later. I am changing my profile picture, a new me! :D Still me but just update it. Haha. Changing the picture also changes me. I wanna be a new man this year. I'm turning 20 soon and there's just one thing I wanna change. Myself =) I'm gonna be a new man this year. I wanna concentrate on my studies and think less on the love side, instead make more friends and build better relationships with people around me. I have a stronger mindset on my future career now. What I do now will determine what I'll be in the future.

Another great thing will be coming up soon. I guess that will help me cheer up. Be prepared for something unexpected :D

IF you have my facebook, you'll know what happened to me, but if you don't, I don't wanna publicize it here =)

Well, take care everyone, have a wonderful year ahead of you, year of the rabbit :D Hop around and Enjoy yourselves !! :D


ken said...

Happy New Year.. Have fun :)

To Glorify Him said...

bro, have a great start ahead! our God is big, and he is great! God is good all the time :)