Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My "Special" Project

Hello all, it has been long. Remember few weeks back I said something fun will be coming up? Well, here it is. I shot a video with some friends and had it edited. Have a look people and tell me what you think :) Note that the ones shooting and editing this has no training or whatsoever experiences before. Everything was self taught :D This project was done by my cousin, Wilson, My friend Wooi Kit and I. Have fun, and feel free to drop us a comment and subscribe to our channel too :D

I guess from now on, I'll try doing video blogs instead of typing and typing. I guess I can talk more that way. Haha.

It's Thaipusam tomorrow and it's a public holiday. Will be going to Alor Star for one day trip tomorrow with my friends. May all of you have a wonderful day tomorrow too :)


reanaclaire said...

hey.. i m more interested in knowing who is the actor, actress and the singer... :) Not too bad for 1st time but can be improved...

Wai Keong said...

You can join the broadcasting team instead. haha :)