Sunday, January 30, 2011

Double Post Up

Hello everybody, it has been long since I last updated. My blog is dying T_T I don't want it to die. So, as written on the title, I'll be doing a double post this time :D
Firstly, remember I said I went to Alor Setar for Thaipusam last week? Yea, it was definitely fun. We went round Alor Setar. We had most fun at the Science Centre. The whole centre, there were only 4 of us. Haha, so we acted like kids and played with everything they have there. Haha. There was these mirrors, I think they call it morphing mirrors or magic mirrors? LoL, where you can actually change the size of your body. It was most fun when we all stood together and became dwarfs. Haha. It's really cute and funny. Then we went to Wooi Kit's house before we headed for dinner at his. Special thanks to his parents for the food. =) Here are some pictures on our trip. We actually had a few short clips on our trip, but it's not with me. Haha

Getting ready, checking the water level and filling up water in my car.
Look at me, I am shorter :D

This is not a menu, these are everything that we ordered that day :D

And these are all we ordered for drinks and not to forget the refill off kek hwa too :D

As you all know from my previous posts, I'll be moving out from the college hostel after Chinese New Year, and yes I already did. I moved to Lakeside Towers, an apartment 1km away from the college. Haha. It's still considered near, just downhill a little. The place is nice, about 1000sq. ft and it has facilities. In the description it says that place has a swimming pool and gym but my friends and I have been finding, we still can't figure out where it is. Haha. Nevermind, we'll find again after CNY. We went in few days ago to clean up and moved our stuffs in yesterday before coming back. Our stuffs are chucked everywhere, so messy. No pictures yet for the apartment, it's still empty. It's my first time experience staying in an apartment :D Will get take some pictures soon, but for now, here are some pictures of the place I've been staying in for the past 1 and a half years.

My room, my bed, my table, my wardrobe. Took this while I was packing to go home the other day :)
This is the rack where I put all my food stuffs. Used to be filled but when I took this picture, I packed everything :)
The view of my hostel from the outside

Well, saying goodbye to my hostel. Thank you for providing me shelter for the past 1 and a half years :)

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