Sunday, January 09, 2011

Back In College

Hey people, Hi Online Diary, :D I'm back in college for Semester 6. Holidays are over for me!! From this semester onwards I have 3 more semesters to go before I graduate my Diploma and continue on for Degree. I have not enrolled for this semester yet cause the college office no longer opens during weekends so I can't enroll on Saturdays anymore like how I used to do every Semester. Luckily the Hostel Office is open , if not I'll be on the streets tonight. Haha.

I want my car, I need to go get it back from Erik's place. Really kind of him for taking care of my car for the past 5 weeks. Need to go to his place to get it back cause I have lots of stuffs in my car that I didn't bring home during my sem break.

It's time to study again, and to play :D To enjoy college life with friends again. Will be missing everyone in Ipoh, my Family, My loved one :) Will be going back during Chinese New Year. Hope to meet you DotA peeps during Chinese New Year again. Sorry if I fed too much for the past few weeks. :D

I need to move out from my hostel next month after Chinese New Year because I did not pay the rent when the Hostel Management asked us to pay. They told us they will be moving out in March but they themselves have no idea exactly when and I only got this news like 2 weeks back. So, I'm still looking for another place to stay, gotta find one ASAP. Anyone knows any place for rent in Penang? Bukit Jambul area, please tell me :D

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