Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Penang Tomorrow

Looking at the topic of this post, I know some of you in your minds are thinking "Andy is leaving for Penang tomorrow already", Yes I am leaving for Penang tomorrow, but it's only for a one day trip. Haha, tomorrow is actually the enrolment and orientation day for the students. Until lunch time when we can come back already. After tomorrow, I will be going back to Penang on the 3rd(Sunday) to move into my hostel. 4th will be the first day of class. I am looking forward to going Penang but there are several things I would miss during my time there. Firstly it would be my *ahem*, if you know what it is, secondly my bed. You know speaking bout this bed thingy. I will miss my bed here at home. It's because I am sleeping alone on a KING size bed now and when I move to Penang I will be sleeping on a SINGLE bed. Not much space for me to roll about already. Haha. The good thing is, I am sharing my room with Navin, YEAH MAN, friends for life. Although he is Indian and I am Chinese, but we are close friends, we live in a multiracial community man. *WOOOOoooooo*

OK, what have I been doing lately. You will find this part of the post quite similar to JEFFERY's BLOG. This is because we two are on a same project now. Erm... I think it's still P&C to talk bout it in detailed right here. But whatever it is, it's enjoying and challenging at the same thing doing this 'thingy'. Hey, I don't sound gay do I?. Haha. Ok, so, we both are working on something like this

OK I know I stole this from Jeffery's blog but as I said, we are working on the same thing, so let's share the same image as well, HAHA
Like I said, this thing here is nice to work on, BUT currently, Jeffery and I is facing one problem with this 'project'. I can say this problem that we are facing is 'nonsense'. Don't even know how, where and when it came about. Thanks to this problem, it made our work tougher but it won't matter much, just that we have to do TWICE the work~!!!


Anonymous said...

missing ahem?
what or who? lol..

compose songs? hahahaa..

Jefferychan said...

I know !!!
but if i tell .. i sked later kena rumble :D

Andy Lai Ser Wei said...

nobody speaks nothing... -.-