Thursday, April 09, 2009

Miss It, Got It

Aiya, I missed the school sports day today. I am not involved in anything regarding to sports day. But I wanted to go and check out the band’s performance. The problem is I missed the sports day cause I woke up late. Time for some stories. Sorry all who expected me to go but I didn’t turn up. I am here to apologize and to explain. What happened was, yesterday I was down in mood. I felt very down yesterday. Some of you might say, “WOW Andy no mood, the moon must be blue tonight”, but really, yeah I was down in mood. It’s really rare that I go emo mode but this time, it really striked me. Not gonna tell why I was in such mood but that mood made me sleep at 4am. Thanks to my cousin for accompanying me till 3am. I rolled on the bed for an hour before I got to sleep. Nobody’s fault. Just my own feelings. Whatever it was, I am back to normal again today. Wee~~, for those who never seen me down in mood before, too bad, u missed the once in a blue moon chance. Haha.

Ok what’s next. Erm, ya my studies. UTP application results came out today (SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION RESULTS) I failed. Haha, was expecting that cause even if I was a top scorer I would not be able to get it. Reason is because they only allow one member of the family to get that scholarship and my brother already had it. My intention was to apply for it, fail it and enter privately. I think my brother is helping me to get informations on how to enter privately. But for now, I am going to Penang. The hostel management of INTI called up few days back to inform me bout the room availibility. I paid my deposit. I will be having Navin as my roommate. Cool~!. Actually I have a little bit of feelings of going back for studies. But everytime when I have that feeling, I thought of something. “ Will E&E Engineering be hard? Can I cope with it?” Prayerfully I hope I can do it. I hope I would enjoy this course. I only have a rough idea of what I would be doing, but I don’t really know what is in depth. The key point it, I love electronics, I love tech and I love to explore more advance technologies. Why not IT? Haha, I would take IT as my part time studies where I could learn through experience.

Guys and Girls, Life is something nobody should miss. ( I don’t know what I am saying) but LIFE, it’s really a great journey full of experiences. Now that I am 18, I’ve gone through many loops of life. Let’s leave that to the nex post shall we??? OR maybe one day when I really have the will to type and express, it will be very fun.



Anonymous said...

18 is still young.. you'll go thru more loops in the coming years..haha..

Andy Lai Ser Wei said...

haha somebody sounds old already