Thursday, April 23, 2009

Speeds Again ( UPDATED)


Ok, I know my speed is slow but I am using a 512KBPS line. It has been a great day for me yesterday(22/04). Nothing bout my life, but it's about my INTERNET CONNECTION. Finally I get to torrent and surf the net at the same time. It has been a long time since I last torrented. I get to finish a 700mb file within one day with torrent and without interruptions on my net surfing. Normally before this, I can either torrent or surf the net only but now~!! It was such a great feeling for me. I guess tmnut have not been able to throttle the latest version of utorrent yet. Haha, I hope this can continue. ALTHOUGH MY SPEEDS ARE SLOW( It's fast now, I am gaining full speed and I am very happy with it). BUT I AM HAPPY WITH IT. I am gonna torrent more as I am able to do so now. It feels so nice to torrrent again. TORRENTS~!!! HERE COMES ANDY~!!! Phew~!!!

I am too excited now, gaining full speed with torrents and not having any interruptions at all on my net surfing, wonderful, first time in the history of my internet connection.

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