Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trip To INTI

I went to INTI yesterday for its Open Day and just to check out on the hostel, payment and course structures as well as the job prospects. The building there is new, according to one of the lecturers there, the new block was only opened march last year and now everyone studies in the new block. INTI is not big. It consists of only one 6 Stories block. The hostel is only 5 minutes walk away from the college. The hostels. comments, good enough. =) nothing more. Didn't spend much time there touring cause it's only one building. Just went around to look at it's lecture rooms, exam room and labs. This college is made up of 90% chinese students. Yesterday I went there and there were two students guiding us around and there were from CHINA and when they speak english they have a SLANG. How nice is that? I would like to have english slang. LOL. I think I am gonna enjoy my time there. What to say, the Queensbay Mall is near to the college. That mall is big enough for me to walk and spend my past time there. Haha, you don't know how big it is? Maybe 3 quater of the size of 1 utama in KL. Haha.

I took a booklet describing bout my course syllabus and course structures. For me, those syllabus in my program sounds great, but does the subject names correspond to the contents
That's my question. HAHA. I have 6 semesters altogether in my course and 4 subjects per semester

Oh by the way I am taking Diploma in E&E Engineering. Some might ask, why diploma? Wait wait...Chill... After Diploma I will be furthering my studies for the Degree programme. Haha. After that, if I can still study on or shall I say IF I still have the will to study, I would wanna top up another year for Masters degree. HAHAHA. There are actually some programmes whereby I can transfer to overseas to continue my studies by paying MALAYSIAN FEES. How cool is that? You pay the study fees in RM but you study in overseas, of course the lodging would be the matter then but it's still worth it. This is only available in INTI. Haha, and I won't be doing so even if I want to cause I won't have this amount of financial support.

Lets JUMP to the final plannings. I will be going to Penang on the 29th of April this month to register and attend the orientation. After that I am coming back to Ipoh and will be going back again on the 3rd probably to check in to the hostel and to get myself ready. 4th will be the first day of class. Oh yea, according to the lecturer there, my class so far has only 15 students. GREAT~!!


Anonymous said...

"whereby I can transfer to overseas to continue my studies by paying MALAYSIAN FEES"

err.. i think you have to convert first? if you're going to UK, just x5.5 and you pay in RM.. doesn't sound great right? lol

15 students so far? i bet there'll be many last minute registration..

based my experience as an INTI student.. lol.. don't believe everything they market to you, it's their strategy.. duh! =)

andy said...

lol, really la pay malaysian fees, no conversion, means like my degree programme is 35k , then i pay RM35k

Jefferychan said...

Andy, no money go overseas then get the scholarship :)
Top students ! :)

Andy Lai Ser Wei said...

lol easier said than done,, hahaha