Saturday, July 02, 2011

F&B Assignment and IT FAIR

I feel bored and I thought this would be a good time to update my blog since my page rank dropped. :(
Anyway, I just finished all my tests and assignments for this semester already and in this semester, the only assignment that needed me to spend most time on is my business assignment. We had to hold an event to sell stuffs and that's what we did. We sold choco cakes, cream puffs, jelly, fizzy drinks and had a game on our event.   Surprisingly it turned out to be quite profitable. Haha.

Went to IT FAIR yesterday to buy an external HardDisk cause there was a promotion to get a Seagate 500GB for RM99, so as expected there were so many people fighting their way to get the limited units. They only sell those harddisk at that price at 11am and 4pm during their "Happy Hour". Initially, we went there at 10am to start  waiting but end up the line was so long and we were just finding for shortcuts to enter the main arena. We found one, we got ready and when the people ran in, we ran from our shortcut, but when we reached the counter, there was already a long line waiting. I really wonder how did those people get in. =.=

So we had to come back in the afternoon at 2pm and started waiting for the 4pm session. This time, we got into the line and were sure to get it already. Haha and true enough, I finally had my first external HardDisk. Ok, it's time to back up everything I have on my lappy and format my lappy. I am gonna have the full seasons of Two and A Half Men soon. Season 1 - 8. Woo!!! Anybody wants them? Haha.

During that fair, something really caught my eye. As you know, in Kaspersky, they have those sexy chicks to promote their products

Instead something else caught my eyes, which I find very cute and effective. LOL

CSL did it the cute way. Hahaha.
And for purchasing anything above RM20, we get to vote for a contestant in the MISS ITC competition and all of us voted for this girl. Wish you all the best. Whoever you are. LOL. Ok I still feel that the Kaspersky girls are nicer.

Time to go chill and have a

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reanaclaire said...

Such an interesting day! got girls to vote for too.. you should inform U.T. la.. hahaha...