Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Short Update

Hey guys, I've in my short semester now. 9 weeks semester and I only gone through the fourth week. Haha. I have 5 weeks to go. This semester I had a very strict lecturer. During the first day of his class, he was strict, no one dared to make a sound in his class. But things got better this week. He is not as horrible after all. Haha. Glad to say that he turned out to be quite a fun lecturer. Well, hopefully he won't be strict in his tests/exams.

My mum and sister came last weekend and spent 2 days here. We had a wonderful time together. Ate a lot of nice food especially. And everything comes at a high price. Haha.
Food = $$$
Hotel = $$$
Shopping = $$$
Car Petrol = $$$
Time with Family = Priceless

Here are some pictures to stir up your appetite :D

Too lazy to name the foods but it all tastes very good. so, the name is not important, my stomach doesn't need to know their names when it digests them =P

Oh ya, I got my blog a new template so that I can upload bigger pictures. Haha

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reanaclaire said...

wow..so big sized pictures..i like.. how to do it? u make the food come alive.. hahaha.. the iphone camera is not bad..today my colleague asked me what camera i used.. so clear one, she said..