Friday, May 27, 2011

Short Singapore Trip

Hey guys, as you all know, I went to Singapore last Saturday for one night. It was a very short trip actually. I reached Singapore around 5pm and departed for Penang on the next say at 5.30pm. So this was how my trip went. Upon reaching, my brother came to pick me up and we went hunting for our hostel. Yes, hostel not a hotel. Haha. A night before, my brother asked me to copy down the directions to the hostel. Now, the hostel has a few branches in Singapore and my brother booked the one in China Town but I copied the address of the one in the Indian Street. Haha. So, we took the MRT to China Town and we tried to find the streets according to the  routes I copied down. We were so near yet so far. The hostel was only 5 minutes away from the MRT but we went all the way to Indian Street. We reached the hostel at the Indian Street, the same hostel (Fernloft Hostel) and asked for directions to go to the one we booked. LOL. We wasted 1 hour travelling to Indian Street and hunting for our hostel. Thank God we found our hostel at 7pm++ and we were hungry enough for dinner.

We then went to City Hall and Marina Bay, took some pictures,  that's what people do there too right? Haha. We kept taking pictures and walking until it was 9pm++ and some of the restaurants we wanted to dine in were closed. LOL. We ended up eating in a restaurant called NEW YORK NEW YORK. Repeated twice. Haha. Dining in that restaurant was really an awesome experience for me because two of us ordered a meal that was meant for 4 people. Haha. You might think, we are guys and we are dead hungry, why couldn't we finish one plate of food? Well, check out what we ate below :D

 Okey, it might not look big, but it really is big. The burger is 8 inches in diameter and a bed of fries around it. My brother and I were starving since breakfast and we still couldn't finish it all. There is a challenge for this meal. If anyone could finish it within one hour, it would be free, but that's only applicable for one person. There is a scoreboard in the restaurant, the fastest person to finish the whole plate took only 20 minutes. LOL.
 It's so big that everyone that walked pass kept saying "wow" and their faces were all :O . My brother and I couldn't help laughing looking at those emotions. Haha. The whole restaurant's eyes were on our table. LOL. It's like we are doing a hidden cam television show. Haha. It's really big and really nice
If you say you could finish it in 15 minutes, no no no, there is no one whom I can think of that is capable of swallowing this whole thing. Haha.

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reanaclaire said...

Hey... the plate is really enormous!! really cannot finish? hahaha... eight inches in diameter? wow..bigger than our faces!! hahaha... do post up the singapore pictures u all took....