Wednesday, May 18, 2011

After Being MIA for months

Hello everybody !! I'm back. After being missing for more than 2 months. Haha. As usual I've been really busy with college. There were so many assignments for me during this past semester and there were assignments to due every single week. I didn't even have time to go back to Ipoh since Chinese New Year. Well, glad everything is over now. Haha. I am having my 2 weeks semester break and it will be ending this week.

I am glad that, even when my blog was idle, there were still people visiting. Thanks for the visit people!!

I will be going down to Singapore this Saturday to visit my brother and will be going back to Penang on Sunday evening. A very short trip. Wasn't planned to be so short actually. But something turned up and I had to cancel my initial plan and just go for this 2 days 1 night short trip to visit my brother. Anyway, it will be fun , brothers bonding. I am sure my brother will buy me more chocolates :D

I think there will be too much for me to say but actually, there's nothing much to say. Haha. Cause, most of my time spent for the past 2 months were on assignments only. You wouldn't want to know about my assignments.

One big update about me is that I've changed my phone. I've got my first ever apple product. Yeap, I bought an Iphone 4. Finally, I got myself a smartphone. Ok ok, I know some of you would think, why didn't I wait for the Iphone 5? Well, here's the answer. LoL. I didn't want to wait because by the time it reaches Malaysia, it would be quite long and when it releases in Malaysia the price would be high and I wouldn't be able to afford it. So, I would just go with the Iphone 4. Honestly, the Iphone is doing me great. Till now, I have no regrets buying it, instead sometimes I thought why didn't I get it earlier? Haha.

Ok, that's about it. And yea, You might think, why didn't I update my blog the first thing after I finished my exams? Well, here's the answer again. Check out the video below. It's done by my friends and I. Spent most of my time editing it. So, here it is. Enjoy and tell me what you think alright? =)

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