Tuesday, July 12, 2011

End of Semester

Is has been long since I last updated, but I am already at my final week of this semester. I am having my study week now and will be having my final exams next week and there does the end of my semester 7. Moving on will be my final semester next month will beginning of December where I will be having my Final Year Project. Oh no!

For the past week, I've been dining in a cafe in Queensbay called QBreeks. I went there on last Monday, Saturday and yesterday. Haha. 3 times in a week consecutively. The reason was that they were having a promotion. On last Monday, they had student promotion where buying 2 sets give us another set free and each set only cause RM5nett. So, it was worth the price and the food was nice. On Saturday, after church I had no where to go, so again I went back to Queensbay and to the same cafe for dinner. Still the price was at RM5nett per set but no free deals on Saturday. Still alright. Yesterday was Monday and having the greed for it's free deals, I went there again and this time they say the promotion is over. Habis!! No more!! and no more nett price as well. So, yesterday was my last time eating there. Haha.

New video is up, took us 2 hours to shoot. Pretty fast and short clip, but took more than 20 hours to edit. Mind the effects, it's noob I know, but what can I say, we're first timers with effects. Will do better next time. For now, have a look.

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