Monday, August 22, 2011

Car Smashed

This afternoon, after I finished my first 2 hours class of the day, I went to my car, and found out that, my front passenger sit was smashed. Shocked, first time experience. Haha. But thank God I have nothing valuable to lose. But I had to get a new window. Wasted my whole evening sending it to Dr. Cermin to fix my window. Dr. Cermin is really the name of the shop. LOL. Once I found out that my window was smashed, I was thinking what to first. Call the police? mostly useless. So called my mum to ask about insurance because it is not under my name but to no avail. So, waited for some lecturers to come because there are 4 other cars involved. So the lecturer called the police. And true enough as expected, they came late and all they did was look around and say "Pergi report kat balai la" =.=" Alright, I waited for 30 minutes to listen to something a 7 year old kid can tell me. Thanks for the efficiency. But, seriously, what can Malaysia Police do? LOL.

I kinda feel that I know what type of people do these glass breaking acts, but it's not good to say it in public. But come on, I am sure all of you should know too right? Haha. So, got my window fixed and RM160 gone. Have to get a new tint somemore. =(

I love mamak food !!!! =D

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